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Neck injuries are among the most common injuries that occur in motor vehicle accidents due to the impact on the neck when the head is jerked back and forth in a collision. Neck injuries can also occur in a wide range of other accident circumstances, particularly falls from heights.

Experience a Serious Neck Injury in California?

At the law firm of Hiepler & Hiepler, our Ventura neck injury lawyers have a record of success helping accident victims recover fair compensation for the permanent harm they have suffered as a result of both of the following types of neck injuries:

  • Spinal cord damage : Neck injuries can cause serious damage to the spinal cord. Someone whose spinal cord is severed in the cervical spine region — in other words, the region of the neck — is likely to experience quadriplegia, or paralysis of all four limbs. Disk herniation in the area of the neck can also have serious, long-term consequences.
  • Brain damage : Traumas and other injuries to the neck can also result in severe brain damage, particularly in the areas of the brain stem, which controls basic breathing and heart rate functions, and the cerebellum, which controls motor skills and coordination.

If you retain our firm to handle your personal injury claim, our attorneys will work with our investigative team and credible expert professionals to carefully document the causes of your accident and the impact of your neck injuries on your finances and your quality of life.

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