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News Segment on Extra About Nelene Fox

Denied Insurance Claim by HMO

In 1994, attorney Mark Hiepler won an $89.3 million verdict against an HMO for denying benefits, the largest award of this kind at the time. The case was personal for Mark. His client was his sister, Nelene Fox, who had been denied treatment for her breast cancer by her HMO, Health Net.

“The truth got out and that’s why I trust the jury system.” – Attorney Mark Hiepler on Extra

Nelene’s Story

Nelene Fox was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite treatment, the cancer spread to her bone marrow. Her doctor determined that the best course of treatment to stop the spread of the cancer was a bone marrow transplant. Nelene was tested for the transplant and doctors determined that she was eligible for the treatment. Her HMO, however, denied coverage for the transplant.

Nelene organized a protest against Health Net for the denial of her treatment. Additionally, Mark Hiepler took up her cause by representing her in a claim against the HMO for bad faith denial of insurance.

Unfortunately, the cancer spread and Nelene passed away in 1993, before the trial and the jury’s award in her favor.

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