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NBC Nightly News Segment on the Madison Scott Case

Mismanaged HMO Care Led to a Baby’s Blindness

This segment on NBC Nightly News tells the story of the Scotts, whose daughter, Madison is permanently blind as a result of mismanaged care by their HMO.

Madison was born prematurely with early signs of a retina problem. The doctors at the hospital told the Scotts not to worry, stating that they could see a specialist after Madison returned home. The doctors failed to tell the Scotts that time was a critical factor in Madison’s treatment.

The Scotts’ HMO required them to take Madison to a primary care physician before she could see a specialist. As a result of the delay, Madison’s retina problem became worse. She is now blind.

“These HMOs can deny care and make more money. And, if something goes wrong and a patient dies or someone is blinded for life, rarely do they have to pay any money for that.” – Attorney Mark Hiepler on NBC Nightly News

The Scotts hired attorney Mark Hiepler to represent them in a claim against their HMO. However, ERISA laws protected the HMO from liability for this type of malpractice and mismanagement. Mark Hiepler won a $6.8 million jury verdict for the family against the special-care nursery director at the hospital. At the time, it was the largest jury verdict for blindness in the state’s history.

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