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What are the long-term effects of a traumatic brain injury?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Personal Injury

The human body is an incredible machine that adapts and grows with time and age. However, despite its many strengths and abilities, the body is not always able to heal itself from serious injuries. One form of injury that Californians may suffer over the course of their lifetimes is brain injuries, and these can be significant to their long-term health.

This blog post introduces some of the short and long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries on victims and the costs that may accompany those losses. No legal or medical advice is presented in this post. Readers are encouraged to contact personal injury attorneys with serious brain injury experience for support with their possible or pending legal claims.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic brain injuries, often referred to as TBI, are injuries to the brain. These happen when the head suffers an impact or penetration injury that reaches the brain. Mild TBI, like concussions, can resolve quickly and without much medical intervention. Serious TBI, however, can alter the course of victims’ lives.

What are the symptoms and effects of serious TBI?

Individuals must understand that TBI can be fatal. Not all TBI show signs in the minutes after an accident and some TBI victims may not be aware of the harm they have suffered for hours or even days after their injuries are suffered. Immediate medical care is a critical component in dealing with the problems associated with TBI.

When a person suffers a serious TBI, they may be affected in both their body and cognition. They may become weak, suffer seizures or experience nausea. They can suffer from insomnia, confusion and pain. Some TBI victims may exhibit different or aggressive behaviors, and others may suffer coma.

TBI can be the root cause for many life-long challenges

Based on the wide range of symptoms that victims may experience, it is clear that they may suffer extensive losses during their lifetimes. Some TBI victims may not be able to work after their injuries and may not have the ability to support themselves or their families. Others may additionally require therapy and ongoing medical support to live with their injuries. The costs of these losses can run high, and victims may not be prepared to cover the many expenses that accompany their injuries. Litigation based on personal injuries like TBI can avail victims to damages that can help them live after their devastating losses.