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As Seen On

Over time, we have been featured on a variety of news outlets, from newspapers like the Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal to televised segments on 20/20, 60 Minutes, ABC News and more.

Mark Hiepler‘s trial success has been featured nationally on the following programs:

  • 60 Minutes
  • 20/20
  • Nightline
  • NBC’s Nightly News with Tom Brokaw
  • Prime Time Live with Sam Donaldson
  • The Today Show
  • Good Morning America
  • ABC News Tonight
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show

Mark Hiepler‘s jury verdicts have been featured in:

  • Newsweek
  • Time
  • U.S. News and World Reports
  • USA Today
  • Wall Street Journal
  • New York Times
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Los Angeles Times
  • San Diego Union
  • Riverside Press Enterprise
  • San Francisco Daily Journal
  • The Star Tribune
  • California Medicine
  • National Law Journal

Read below for more details on our publicized cases and verdicts throughout the years:

San Marino Tribune Article on Wrongful Death Case
This article tells the story of a Pasadena City College professor and his dog, who were tragically killed by a car in a street race in 2019. Hiepler & Hiepler represents the plaintiff in a civil lawsuit. View Story »

Los Angeles Times on 2016 Oil Spill
Hiepler & Hiepler represents homeowners who were affected by the 2016 oil spill in Ventura. View Story »

Oprah Segment on Nelene Fox and Denied Insurance
In 1991, Mark Hiepler‘s sister, Nelene Fox, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Mark brought a lawsuit on his sister’s behalf against her HMO, Health Net. View Story »

The National Law Journal
The 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America – the list includes Mark Hiepler. View Story »

20/20 Segment On Nelene Fox and Bad Faith Insurance
The insurance company denied Nelene a life-saving bone marrow transplant; Mark Hiepler brought a claim against the insurance company, Health Net, on his sister’s behalf. View Story »

60 Minutes Special on the Problems With HMOs
Mark Hiepler discusses his representation of Joyce Ching, whose HMO put its own profits before her health.

ABC News Segment About Nelene Fox and Denied Insurance
This ABC News segment tells the story of Nelene Fox, attorney Mark Hiepler‘s sister who was denied needed medical treatment.

CBS News Segment on Nelene Fox and HMO Coverage Denials
Connie Chung tells the story of Nelene Fox and Mark Hiepler, who fought against the HMO that denied Nelene the treatment she needed.

Extra News Segment on Extra About Nelene Fox
In 1994, attorney Mark Hiepler won an $89.3 million verdict against an HMO for denying benefits, the largest award of this kind at the time.

NBC Nightly News Segment on the Madison Scott Case
This segment on NBC Nightly News tells the story of the Scotts, whose daughter, Madison is permanently blind as a result of mismanaged care by their HMO.

Prime Time Investigation Into Cellphone Coverage Issues
This Prime Time investigation explores the issues with cellphone coverage and how it can lead to serious injuries.

Prime Time Investigation Into Cellphone Coverage
Attorney Mark Hiepler represented Marcia Spielholz, who was pursued by carjackers while driving home from Christmas shopping. When she tried to dial 911 for help, the phone did not work.

Drunk Driver Sentenced to Prison
Motorist gets 9 years for killing bike rider. View Story »

LA Metrolink Victims Awarded $200 Million Dollars
View Story »

Fighting Giants
After a track record of taking on HMOs and winning, Mark Hiepler advocates for the victims of the deadliest accident in Metrolink’s history. View Story »

San Diego Union Tribune
Hiepler & Hiepler Clients Testify Before Congress Regarding the Metrolink Train Crash. View Story »

Daily Journal
Elderly Driver Will Pay Family of Killed Cyclist More Than $12 Million. View Story »

Los Angeles Times
Family Wins Settlement in excess of $2.5 Million in Traffic Death of Ojai Man. View Story »

Special to the National Law Journal
HMOs face a new nemesis. View Story »

USA Today
Cover story features three of Mark Hiepler‘s verdicts and personal interview with Mark Hiepler. View Story »

Los Angeles Business Journal
Landmark Lawsuit Still Reverberating In Health Industry. View Story »

California LawBusiness
Mark Hiepler strikes fear in the hearts of HMO administrators and defense attorneys. Cigna Health Corp., United and Metropolitan Life-to name a few- have surrendered seven-figure settlements or verdicts to the Oxnard-based plaintiff’s lawyer for failure or refusal to treat patients in need of health care. View Story »

Los Angeles Times
LA Times reports Hiepler & Hiepler Representation of Wrongful Death Plaintiffs in Metrolink Train Tragedy. View Story »

California LawBusiness
Motivated by the death of his sister, Oxnard lawyer Mark Hiepler has made a full-time practice of suing HMOs to ensure that others get better care.

The Wall Street Journal
Insurance company held liable for denial of treatment – $89.3 million verdicts. View Story »

Time Magazine
The Soul Of An HMO – Managed Care is certainly bringing down America’s medical costs, but it is also raising the question of whether patients, especially those with severe illness, can trust their doctors. View Story »

Capitation On Trial
In a Ventura courtroom last December, two Simi Valley physicians stood accused of placing their financial self-interest over the health of their patient. While ultimately decided as simple malpractice, the case could prove to be a harbinger of things to come. View Story »

San Diego Union Tribune
Hiepler & Hiepler wins in excess of $1 million for Bad Faith denial. View Story »

Santa Barbara County News
Construction accident victim receives $1.7 million. View Story »

Orange County Register
Blind baby verdict $6.8 million – a new national record. View Story »

Los Angeles Times
$2.68 million awarded for Wrongful Death as a result of tractor-trailer accident. View Story »

Lawyers Weekly
Hiepler & Hiepler uses new legal theory to assist victims of tractor-trailer negligence. View Story »

The San Diego Union Tribune
Leucadia Woman Settles Lawsuit against HMO over her anorexic daughter’s long stay in clinic. View Story »

Star Tribune

Children get $2.75 million in mom’s death. A California police patrol ran over the woman as she sunbathed on an Oxnard beach. View Story »

Ventura County News
Oxnard Nursing Home Settles Lawsuit. Family of 85-year-old Alzheimer’s patient said she died because understaffed Oxnard Facility did not adequately hydrate her. View Story »

Los Angeles Times Business
Health Net Settles Cancer Treatment Suit. View Story »

The Recorder
The security of a second opinion. View Story »