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Five ways to avoid distracted driver accidents on the roads

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted drivers are a problem throughout California. Whether they are texting while driving, eating while driving, or engaging in other dangerous activities while driving, distracted drivers cause serious accidents and losses. A victim of a distracted driving accident may suffer significant injuries and face difficult questions about managing their expenses, wage losses, and medical bills.

Proactive steps can help individuals avoid accidents with distracted drivers. However, even the best drivers can become victims when negligent and reckless motorists put them in harm’s way. This post outlines five ways that drivers can attempt to avoid motor vehicle accidents with distracted drivers, but no part of this post should be read or used as legal advice.

Option #1: Drive defensively

Good drivers are generally defensive drivers. Defensive drivers prepare themselves for problems even before problems present themselves. Driving defensively can be minimizing one’s own in-vehicle distractions, keeping one’s eyes on the road, and anticipating the actions of other motorists.

Option #2: Use vehicle equipment as required

Drivers have a wealth of tools at their disposal inside their vehicles. They can use their turn signals to demonstrate to other drivers where they intend to move. They have horns to communicate with motorists that are unaware of their surroundings. They also have seatbelts that can protect them if they are involved in collisions. Avoiding harm from a distracted driver can mean using a vehicle’s safety and signaling tools to prevent collisions and injuries.

Option #3: Follow the rules of the road

Drivers can minimize their chances of getting into accidents with distracted drivers by following local and state driving rules. A driver that speeds, illegally passes, or engages in other dangerous behaviors may contribute to their own harm if a distracted driver hits them.

Option #4: Educate new drivers about defensive driving

As teens obtain their driving privileges, their parents and families can help them understand the dangerous of distracted driving. These efforts can help young drivers avoid becoming distracted drivers themselves, and help them identify and avoid distracted drivers when they are out on the roads.

Option #5: Be a patient driver

Driving can be frustrating, especially when it does not seem like anyone else cares about the rules of the road. By taking their time and remembering to be courteous, drivers can help ease roadway tensions and avoid accidents with drivers who are focused on distractions.

Distracted driving is dangerous, and good drivers are unfortunately hurt when dangerous drivers get into their vehicles. An accident with a distracted driver can be tough for a person to work through on their own. A personal injury attorney can help them understand and protect their rights.