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How can bicyclists and motorists share the road safely?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Do you frequently ride a bike in California? If you do, chances are you are not alone. People ride bikes for exercise, to reduce their carbon footprint or simply for fun. However, bicyclists are especially vulnerable to being hit by a car. Bicyclists struck by an automobile will likely suffer serious injuries, even if they are wearing a helmet. The following are some tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that can help bicyclists and motorists to share the road safely.

Tips for bicyclists

Bicyclists can take some measures to prevent themselves from being hit by a car. For example, wearing reflective clothing can make you more visible. Staying in bike lanes, rather than riding in traffic or on sidewalks is also important. Signaling when you are making a turn can help your actions be more predictable to motorists. Travelling in the same direction of traffic also makes you more visible. Finally, you cannot underestimate the importance of wearing your helmet every time you ride your bike.

Tips for motorists

Motorists can also take some measures to avoid causing a bicycle accident. Motorists should always practice bicycle awareness. This means avoiding distracted driving and drowsy driving. Motorists should yield to a bicyclist’s right of way when necessary. Motorists should avoid driving recklessly, for example, by speeding or drunk driving. Motorists should not pass a bicyclist too closely and should look left-right-left when making a turn at a stop sign or before turning right on red.

With the right precautions, we can all share the road safely

Bicyclists and motorists can both make an effort to share the road safely if they exercise the right precautions. However, even the most careful bicyclist could be struck by a car. When this happens, the bicyclist will want to explore all their legal options, including filing a personal injury claim if appropriate.