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How can I avoid motor vehicle accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Anyone who has ever gotten a traffic ticket is likely familiar with the term “defensive driving.” Defensive driving techniques are more than just a class to reduce insurance rates or get out of a traffic citation. Indeed, these driving techniques help drivers avoid motor vehicle accidents, and the costs and injuries associated with those crashes.

Stay focused

We have all seen aggressive driving behaviors, and perhaps, we may be guilty of them as well. Aggressive driving includes: speeding, cutting drivers off, honking aggressively, etc. Unfortunately, aggressive driving and road rage incidents are becoming more and more common. According to some sources, aggressive drivers are the cause of at least a third of all traffic accidents.

Inattentive and distracted drivers are also increasingly becoming a danger because of our ability to multitask while driving. Many drivers engage in activities like texting, emailing, telephone conversations, eating and even watching movies and television shows while driving. It is all becoming entirely too common. As such, the first technique to avoid these dangers is to not be one of these dangers. Stay focused on driving.

Be alert

Do not drive under the influence of anything and be well rested. This ensures reasonable reaction times. Drowsy driving can be the same as tipsy driving. Being alert can reduce the likelihood of an accident as the vast majority of car accidents are due to driver error, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Pay attention

Constantly scan the road and check mirrors. Anticipate bad driving by other drivers and changing road conditions. Look for signs of aggressive driving, and avoid those drivers. If needed, pull over or take an early exit.

Assume the worst

Do not assume another driver will allow a merge, stop at a stoplight or stop sign or even obey any traffic law. Leave enough room and slow down enough to allow for defensive driving, like stopping at a green light to avoid impacting a red-light runner.

For California drivers, these are only a few defensive driving techniques, but they can help drivers avoid the vast majority of motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, even the most defensive drivers may not avoid an accident, which is when a personal injury lawsuit may be needed.