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Series of violations lead to trucker losing commercial license

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2021 | Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Large trucks are always a worry on the California roadways. Commercial drivers of tractor-trailers are trusted to adhere to the rules of the road for these massive vehicles. Since they travel so far, spend a significant amount of time on the road and are expected to get their cargo to its destination by a certain time, drivers might take liberties with the rules.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is in place to ensure drivers and trucking companies comply and issue penalties if they do not. Even when that, drivers and companies might still flout the rules. It is important for people concerned about safety to be aware of potential dangers.

Trucker from California penalized after accident and providing false information

A trucker who is based in California and had a fatal accident in Arizona has been shut down for a series of violations. In the accident, one person died and two people were seriously injured. According to the investigation, on New Year’s Eve 2020, the tractor-trailer was pulling off the interstate and the driver did not stop at the off-ramp as they were supposed to do. They crossed the roadway and hit a residence, killing one and injuring two others inside. Investigators said the driver did not try to avoid the collision and may have been impaired or ill. Further analysis of the driver’s record found that they also gave a fraudulent medical certification two years before the crash.

FMCSA has what is called an “imminent hazard” order meaning that if there is any issue with a truck or its operator that raises the possibility of an accident, steps can be taken to remove the vehicle or the driver from the road. Fines and criminal penalties can be assessed for ignoring the imminent hazard order. The truck driver must go through a process to regain their commercial license. This must include an accurate medical certification.

Dangerous drivers a common cause for tractor-trailer accidents

While this might seem to be an isolated incident, truckers who fail to follow the rules are not an uncommon concern. This is inherently dangerous because the rules are in place to enhance safety. When they are ignored or falsified, it multiplies the risk. Lives can change in an instant or be lost after tractor-trailer accidents. When weighing potential options, it is imperative to know how and why it happened to determine the preferable course of action. Gathering evidence, determining the cause and holding a trucker and other potential parties accountable are essential. After a collision, having experienced and caring guidance with how to proceed may be necessary to recover sufficient compensation for all that was lost.