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Five kinds of experts you might need in your case

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured in a car or truck accident, you’re probably ready to find some accountability. That’s easier said than done, even when the cause of your accident seems clear cut. This is because the other side may challenge every aspect of your case, trying to grind you into submitting to a settlement agreement that falls short of your expectations and what you deserve.

But you shouldn’t let this deter the direction of your personal injury case. Instead, you need to identify strategies that aggressively present your arguments so that you can take control of your claim. But how do you do that? One way is to utilize expert witnesses who can provide you with definitive testimony on key points in your case.

What kind of experts do you need in your case?

It really depends on the circumstances at hand. However, here are some key experts who may prove pivotal as you navigate your claim:

  • Medical experts: This may seem obvious, but you may need one or more medical experts on your side. They can testify not only to causation but also to your need for ongoing treatment and how your injuries will impact your ability to live a normal life moving forward. Therefore, these experts can help support your arguments for both liability and damages.
  • Employment experts: Lost wages, future lost wages, and lost earnings capacity can make up a significant portion of your damages. However, proving those forward-looking losses can be tricky. This is where an employment expert can come into play. One of these specialists can help you demonstrate how your injuries limit your ability to get back to your old job and secure new employment. Even if you can get back to work, an expert on employment matters can help show how your career has been stunted by your injuries.
  • Accident reconstruction expert: If your accident involved multiple vehicles or was otherwise complicated, it can be difficult to prove fault and causation. The defense will latch onto this as it tries to shift the blame to anyone and everyone else. But an accident reconstruction expert can help you assess the evidence and make a determination as to how the accident occurred and who is to blame for it.
  • Mental health expert: Your therapist or another mental health expert may be able to speak to your psychological toll as a result of your accident. This can speak to the significant extent of your damages, which means that this expert’s testimony can be a key building block in your case.
  • Family and friends: Although these individuals aren’t experts in the same way that the individuals identified above are experts, they’re certainly individuals who have extensive knowledge about you and your life. In that regard, they are experts to a certain extent. And their testimony about how your injuries have affected your ability to live a fulfilling life can go a long way toward proving your noneconomic damages, which can make up a significant portion of your recovery.

Building the most persuasive case possible

If you want to win your case and recover as much compensation as possible, you need to be persuasive when you present your case. Expert testimony can be a great way to ensure that your case is as compelling as possible. But having a strong attorney on your side as you navigate the process can help ensure that you don’t miss anything that could be powerful for your case.

Therefore, if you want to build the best personal injury case possible, now may be the time for you to research your representation options and select the legal team that is right for you.