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How can I protect myself from drunk drivers in the summer?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Summer is a season of activities, and many of those activities involve alcohol. The nice weather and long days mean an abundance of festivals, beach days, weddings, graduation parties and other social events.

This means that there is typically a higher number of drunk drivers on the road in the summer, and you must be careful to avoid them when driving. This is especially important if you have teenagers who just received their driver’s license and are out on the road for the first time.

In addition to watching out for drunk drivers yourself, you should educate your teenagers on how to spot drunk drivers and stay away from them.

Set an example by not driving drunk yourself

First, do not contribute to the problem by drunk driving yourself. Use a rideshare service or get a ride with someone else if you are going to be drinking. With the ease and convenience of rideshare services these days, there is no excuse to be driving while drunk.

If you get behind the wheel and then realize you are more intoxicated than you thought, you can always pull over and leave your car in a safe place and get a ride.

Do not drive close to other vehicles

Traffic is heavier in the summer in general, which in itself increases the chance of a car accident. You have no way of knowing which drivers around you might be drunk, so give yourself plenty of space in between cars.

This may be difficult to do when traffic is clogged, so if you cannot avoid being bumper to bumper, go slow, which will decrease the chance of any serious injury or damage in case of a collision.

What to do when you are around a drunk driver

When you do see signs of a drunk driver, such as driving at varying speeds, swerving, aggressive driving or swerving in and out of lanes, avoid the driver. Drive safely and cautiously and move out of their way so they can pass.

Drunk drivers are more likely to be out at night, so try to avoid driving during this time if possible. You should also try not to be on the roads during rush hour traffic. When your schedule allows, drive during times that generally have less traffic.

California has many roads or areas that are known to have a higher chance of an accident. This can be due to poor lighting or complicated road setups involving four-way stops or roundabouts. Plan your route to stay out of these areas. When you are in these areas, take extra caution.

Be a good driver

Finally, maintain good driving habits. Always wear your seat belt, do not speed and focus on the road. Distracted driving is often just as dangerous as drunk driving.

Drunk driving is negligent behavior and drunk driving accidents are often serious. Your entire life could be permanently altered from your injuries, and you might struggle with medical bills and being out of work while you try to recover.

Personal injury actions are based on negligence, which means if you prove negligence, you may recover compensation for your losses. It is important to know what you must prove to establish negligence, to increase your chance of a successful personal injury claim.