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Parental involvement limits crashes among young motorists

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) represents state highway safety offices. The organization notes that parental support is crucial to keeping teen drivers safe on the streets.

All U.S. States have some sort of program that mimics the standard three-stage Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program. These programs grant privileges to novice drivers with time – once they accomplish skills to handle difficult situations, including driving with friends in the vehicle or driving in the dark.

According to Forbes.com, these programs reduce teen crashes by 20 to 40 percent because parental enforcement is involved. Proactive parents may collaborate with their young ones to enforce the rules associated with these programs. This makes teen drivers better motorists.

The most crucial driving skills for teens involve nighttime driving and passenger limitations. Specifically, young drivers are more likely to be negligent and speed at night when friends are in the vehicle. Fortunately, GDL programs help enforce important safety precautions with the help of parents.

For parents interested in making their teens better drivers, there are a few things that help:

  • It helps to utilize a teen-parent driving contract. These agreements outline regulations for new drivers and include consequences for failing to comply. For example, if a teen drives outside of permitted hours, the contract can implement further driving restrictions.

  • It is also beneficial for parents to attend a parent-teen driving program. Many organizations provide free classes, which detail helpful safety measures. These are located in many community-based settings. In fact, many states mandate these programs. If parents have a solid understanding of crash risks, they can help ensure that their teens are complying with appropriate safety measures.

These safety measures are impactful in safety. In the end, no one can drive a vehicle for their loved one; however, informing a driver of safe practices can help reduce the risk of a car accident.

Teens may believe that they have mastered the skills of driving after a simple test. Nevertheless, there are many road hazards and situations, which present serious dangers to even the most experienced drivers. Ultimately, it seems as though regular enforcement and parental reminders help.

If an accident has resulted in injury, do not hesitate to talk to a personal injury law attorney. A legal professional versed in applicable laws can help you evaluate your options for recovery. If a negligent driver has caused pain, expenses, anxiety and more, you may be entitled to restitution. Contact a local lawyer to uncover more about your rights.