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Challenging Insurance Companies For Bad Faith

When you purchase an insurance policy from an insurance company, you are entering into a contractual agreement. You are purchasing the peace of mind that in a time of need, insurance will be there to cover your losses. The agreement not only states the terms and conditions of how the insurance company will handle a claim, but it also requires the insurance company to act in “good faith” in handling your claim. Although insurance companies are supposed to pay your claim, sometimes they do not. When an insurance company unreasonably denies or refuses to cover your claim this may be what is called “bad faith.”

Our Verdicts And Settlements

A few of the verdicts and settlements obtained by The Law Offices of Hiepler & Hiepler on behalf of individuals we have represented in bad faith cases include:

  • $89.3 Million — Bad faith insurance practices
  • $5 Million — Denial of health care benefit resulting in wrongful death
  • $3.5 Million — Denial of health insurance benefits
  • $3.2 Million — Denial of insurance coverage
  • $2 Million — Denial of life insurance benefits
  • $1.8 Million — Denial of treatment for cancer
  • $1.1 Million — Denial of treatment for anorexic young adult female
  • $1 Million — Denial of bone marrow transplant

Hiepler & Hiepler‘s Strong Results In Bad Faith Cases

Since obtaining the $89.3-million verdict, Hiepler & Hiepler has been committed to advocating on behalf of individuals throughout the state of California and has prevailed in obtaining numerous other multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts for victims of bad faith. In particular, Hiepler & Hiepler has obtained verdicts and settlements in cases involving denial of life insurance benefits, denial of homeowners claim, denial of long-term nursing care benefits and denial of health care benefits.

Did You Experience A Bad Faith Insurance Claim In California?

Acts of insurance bad faith include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Denying insurance claims without justification
  • Failure to pay insurance claims
  • Making inadequate payments
  • Purposely delaying payments
  • Refusing to settle a claim in an efficient or timely manner
  • Failure to properly investigate claims

Mark Hiepler Obtained An $89.3-Million Bad Faith Verdict — One Of The Largest Bad Faith Verdicts In History

Hiepler & Hiepler has a well-established reputation for successfully representing individuals whose companies have unreasonably failed to provide coverage as specified in their insurance policies. Attorney Mark Hiepler‘s prominence in the area of bad faith lawsuits was established in 1994. He is known for his personal battles with insurance companies stemming from his 1994 $89.3-million verdict against Health Net over a bone marrow transplant for his sister in the Fox v. Health Net case. This $89.3-million verdict includes $77 million in punitive damages and is one of the largest verdicts ever levied against an American health insurer.

In Mark Hiepler‘s crusade against insurers, he has received extensive media coverage. He has appeared on dozens of radio and television shows, including “Oprah”, “20/20”, “Nightline” and “60 Minutes” and his cases have been written about in TIME, Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal.

Hiepler & Hiepler‘s Current Pursuit Of Bad Faith Claims For Traumatically Brain-Injured Victims

Traumatically brain-injured consumers are routinely denied health care and disability benefits that they are rightfully entitled to. Hiepler & Hiepler is currently representing numerous individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury and have been wrongfully denied benefits by their health insurer for comprehensive care stemming from cognitive therapy to speech therapy.

Video Presentations Featuring Mark Hiepler, Esq., Discussing Insurance Issues

Mark Hiepler answers three hours of the most commonly asked questions regarding health insurance issues. He was chosen because of his nationally known reputation as an insurance expert to be featured on Videojug, the world’s most comprehensive internet information resource. Mark Hiepler‘s philosophy is to use lawsuits as a last resort and regularly spends hours providing people throughout the nation with self-help remedies. Numerous people have been helped by these videos. We believe they can be useful to you and people you care about.

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Taking Action

Call Mark Hiepler at 866-531-3532 for a free initial consultation with a lawyer with a proven record of challenging insurance companies successfully. Or, if you prefer, complete our brief online form. From his office in Oxnard, Mark Hiepler represents clients nationwide.