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Pursuing Sensory Loss Injury Claims

Many people look at injuries that cause the loss of senses as being less important or less tragic to the victims. However, it is important to think of the real impact that these injuries have. For those personal injury accident victims who lose their olfactory senses, for example, they will not be able to smell flowers or taste lasagna. Good food is, for most of us, one of the most wonderful pleasures that we experience, and losing access to these simple pleasures for the rest of one’s life is nothing short of catastrophic. Consider also the idea of losing feeling throughout your body or the ability to engage in sexual activity. Sensory loss is extremely tragic.

If you have suffered serious injuries that have caused sensory loss, contact us as soon as possible. At Hiepler & Hiepler, we handle personal injury matters for clients in the Los Angeles area, the entire state of California and beyond. We can help you obtain the best compensation award possible, and we will help with every aspect of your case, including helping you obtain medical evaluations and treatment, obtain the insurance coverage you need and follow up with the criminal trial to make sure justice is achieved against the negligent party that caused your injuries.

Verdicts And Settlements

  • $89.3 Million — Bad faith insurance practices — Riverside Superior Court
  • $23.9 Million — Spinal cord injury — Los Angeles Superior Court
  • $12.5 Million — Wrongful death, bicycle accident — Ventura Superior Court, Simi Valley
  • $11.75 Million — Wrongful death and personal injury, Metrolink train crash — Los Angeles Superior Court
  • $6.8 Million — Infant child blinded for life — Orange County Superior Court

What Type Of Injury Did You Suffer?

Although commonly overlooked in discussions about the most tragic or personal injury scenarios, sensory loss injury accidents can severely damage a victim’s quality of life. Consider what a person really loses with sensory loss accident injuries:

  • Loss of hearing — music, conversation, the sound of birds chirping or the rush of a waterfall
  • Loss of feel — basic physical affection, hugs, kisses, the feel of working with your hands, sexual activity and the feel of the sun shining on your skin
  • Loss of smell — the smell of flowers and food, the smell of grass in your backyard or the fresh smell of the woods
  • Loss of taste — missing out on some of the best joys in life: eggs and bacon, lasagna, popcorn, apple pie and ice cream
  • Loss of sight — reading, watching television, seeing those you love, driving, increased difficulty going for a walk or even getting around the house

It is difficult to put a numerical value on these types of losses, but there is no question that they are tragic, especially when looking at the impact of these losses, not just in the short term, but for the rest of your life. At Hiepler & Hiepler, we have handled numerous personal injury claims involving sensory loss. We have experience portraying the tragic impact of losing sight, hearing and other senses over the course of a victim’s entire lifetime.

Contact Our Sensory Loss Injury Attorneys

We offer free initial consultations, so you can speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer from our firm without obligation about your injuries. We also take personal injury claims on contingency, so you will not be obligated to pay any attorney fees until we obtain a favorable verdict or settlement for you. Call 866-531-3532 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation. From our office in Oxnard, we help clients across California.