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Representing Victims Of Oil Spills

At The Law Offices of Hiepler & Hiepler, our attorneys are committed to helping individuals, families, and homeowners who are the victims of environmental disasters such as oil spills.

An oil spill causes great harm to the environment that can last for years. Clean-up and restoration after an oil spill is a long, expensive, and disruptive process. Homeowners may recover damages for the annoyance, discomfort, and emotional distress associated with the disruption of their peaceful enjoyment of their home. Additionally, homeowners may have claims for diminution in property value, repair and restoration costs, and compensation for physical illness.

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Ventura County Oil Spill (Grove Incident) – June 2016

In the early morning hours of June 23, 2016, 45,000 gallons of unrefined crude oil spilled from an oil pipeline into Prince Barranca behind the homes on Poli Street, Grove Street, and Grove Lane in Ventura. Crude oil flowed 2,400 feet down the Barranca before a homeowner discovered the spill and the pipeline was shut down.

The oil spill transformed the serene neighborhood and Barranca into a noisy and crowded worksite. People, vehicles, and equipment came and went at all hours. The streets became parking lots for trucks, work vehicles, equipment, and porta-potties. Workers trampled into and out of the Barranca damaging and destroying vegetation, widening existing trails, and creating new trails. Birds and wildlife fled the area. Trees and vegetation died. There was no serenity or privacy in the neighborhood for months.

Approximately 6,600 gallons of oil remain on the private property in Prince Barranca.

Hiepler & Hiepler represents sixteen homeowners whose lives were turned upside-down because of the oil spill and the clean-up process. Hiepler & Hiepler retained the best experts to survey the Barranca and determine the best method for removing the remaining oil and restoring the Barranca to its natural state.

Learn How We Can Assist You

If you were the victim of an environmental disaster, our attorneys have the experience to help you learn your options and assert your rights. We serve clients across the state of California. Contact our Oxnard office by calling 866-531-3532 or sending us an email.