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Proven Injury Attorneys In Train Accident Cases

Every day, numerous passengers entrust their health and lives to the care of common carriers, including operators of passenger rail. In too many instances, collisions, derailments and other types of train accidents have resulted in severe and even fatal injuries. After any train accident, it is important for the victims and their families to take action to preserve their ability to pursue full and fair compensation and to hold the responsible entities fully accountable.

Our Verdicts And Settlements

  • $89.3 Million — Bad faith insurance practices — Riverside Superior Court
  • $23.9 Million — Spinal cord injury — Los Angeles Superior Court
  • $12.5 Million — Wrongful death — Bicyclist struck by car — Ventura Superior Court, Simi Valley
  • $11.75 Million — Wrongful death and personal injury — Metrolink train crash — Los Angeles Superior Court

Injured In A Train Accident In California?

At the law firm of Hiepler & Hiepler, our train accident lawyers have the experience and commitment to help clients in California and beyond pursue personal injury and wrongful death claims against Metrolink, Metro Rail, Amtrak and other powerful public transit agencies. We have been able to secure the results our clients need to move forward following a train accident.

Metrolink Train Accidents

On September 12, 2008, the operator of a Metrolink passenger train filled with passengers was texting while driving and crashed the train at full speed into a Union Pacific freight train. Over 135 were injured, often catastrophically, and 24 passengers were killed, making this horrific crash the worst in the history of commuter rail in the United States.

In addition to representing more than a dozen clients who were injured or lost loved ones in the crash, Hiepler & Hiepler was honored to be selected to serve with several other nationally recognized law firms on the Chatsworth Metrolink Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee prosecuting this mass tort.

Our efforts to obtain justice for the Chatsworth Metrolink collision victims were not limited to the court system. We embraced the opportunity to take the victim’s cause to Washington, D.C., in support of changing the federal law that unfairly limited the damages recoverable in this type of cases.

We were pleased that, as a result of our efforts, one of our clients was invited to testify before Congress on behalf of all of the train crash victims and put a human face on the serious safety issues posed by texting while driving. This is the level of commitment that we bring to each case involving a train accident or vehicle accident victim.

Call A Metrolink Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a Metrolink accident or any other train accident, our experienced team of trial attorneys at Hiepler & Hiepler can help. To arrange a free consultation, please contact us at 866-531-3532 or by email. From our office in Oxnard, we help clients throughout California.