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100 Most Influential Lawyers in America
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Ten Questions To Ask Before Selecting An Attorney To Handle A Wrongful Death, Catastrophic Injury Or Insurance Denial Case

  1. How much money is the attorney willing to spend to give my case the best opportunity to succeed at trial?
  2. How does the attorney finance the case?
  3. What is the attorney’s reputation among defense firms and with the insurance companies who ultimately pay in a catastrophic injury case?
  4. What is the attorney’s track record at trial – wins, losses, size of verdicts?
  5. Does the attorney enjoy a good reputation locally, statewide and nationally?
  6. Is the attorney someone you can work with for two years?
  7. Does the attorney have the necessary staff to complement your case?
  8. Does the attorney have a specific detailed plan for handling your case?
  9. What type of national rating does the attorney or firm enjoy?
  10. Has the attorney or firm received any honors that will add credibility to my case?