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20/20 Segment On Nelene Fox and Bad Faith Insurance

Attorney Mark Hiepler lost his sister, Nelene Fox, to cancer in 1994. This tragic loss could have possibly been prevented if the insurance company had not denied his sister the treatment she needed.

In 1994, 20/20 aired this piece about Nelene’s story. The insurance company denied her a life-saving bone marrow transplant, claiming it was “experimental” and not covered under her insurance plan.

Mark Hiepler brought a claim against the insurance company, Health Net, on his sister’s behalf. Health Net had breached its contract with Nelene when it denied her the treatment she needed. Additionally, the company used fraud and coercion to try to cut costs and increase its own profits.

Although the community came together to raise the money Nelene needed for her treatment, the cancer had already spread. She passed away before the trial, which resulted in an $89.3 million verdict against Health Net.

To learn more about this story, watch the 20/20 video about Nelene and bad faith insurance practices.

Learn About Your Options After an Insurance Denial

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