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Oprah Segment on Nelene Fox and Denied Insurance

In 1991, Mark Hiepler‘s sister, Nelene Fox, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“We were greatly encouraged when all of the doctors advocated that she pursue a bone marrow transplant. After all the tests and workup to see if you are a good candidate for that, she passed with flying colors.

We got a letter that said, ‘We think this is experimental treatment. We’re not going to pay for it.’ It was so clearly in her insurance contract that this is a covered benefit. Really, her life was on the line and they were kind of giving her a death sentence.” – Attorney Mark Hiepler on Oprah

Mark brought a lawsuit on his sister’s behalf against her HMO, Health Net. After bringing the suit, Mark discovered that individual at Health Net who denied Nelene’s coverage was paid more money for denying breast cancer treatment claims than for approving them.

Friends and members of the community came together to raise the nearly $200,000 needed for the operation. During the delay, however, Nelene’s cancer had spread. She died before her case went to trial.

At trial, Mark won an $89.3 million jury verdict on behalf of his sister, her husband and her daughters.

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