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Prime Time Investigation Into Cellphone Coverage Issues

This Prime Time investigation explores the issues with cellphone coverage and how it can lead to serious injuries. Companies such as L.A. Cellular convinced customers to buy their phone for peace of mind and safety if their car breaks down or they are in an accident.

“[The cellphone companies] are scaring people into buying these phones, when they know full well that they can’t deliver on their promises.” – Attorney Mark Hiepler on Prime Time

Cellphone companies provide maps of their coverage to show the areas where you should expect to receive signal. At the time of this Prime Time investigation, many of these maps were found to be inaccurate. L.A. Cellular in particular had knowledge of the gaps in service, but failed to tell consumers about these gaps.

Watch the extended clip of the Prime Time investigation to learn more about cellphone issues and the story of Marcia Spielholz, who was seriously injured in an attack after being unable to call 911 from her cellphone.

If your car breaks down or you are injured, you depend on your cellphone to contact emergency services. If this phone fails and it is due to the negligence of the cellphone company or the manufacturer, you may have a claim.

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